Monday, June 8, 2015

Hello June!

Is it June already!?

Time has slipped away from me, as it usually does this time of year..

I figured I would stop in and say hello and give ya quick update on whats been going on, on the homestead!
* We welcomed 4 baby chicks into the world
*gardens are growing and we are harvesting all kinds of  beautiful veggies!
 * We pulled our first 2 rounds of honey
* 17 chickens were processed last week and filled up the freezer!, and we have another 20 to do next month
* The Farmers Market has started so we have been quite busy with that as well....

Ill leave you with some eye *candy* of our June happenings....

                                 One of our many gardens, filling in nicely

                                         Norah running the booth at the market

                                             A beautiful frame of Spring honey!

                                                Extracting Honey with Dad

                                      A Freezer full of Chicken
Processing chickens

Until Next time..........................

The Cools

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  1. New here ... looks like we have a lot of things in common!! I look forward to checking out your blog further as time allows.

    We just got done butchering most of our meat birds. Our honey is ready to harvest ... just in time because we are almost done with last year's harvest. Although we just moved, our garden is looking pretty decent. Our girls (laying hens) have recovered fully from the move and seem to be laying well. We hope to get a straight run when we are back from an upcoming trip. I'd love to do the market but we are going to try selling right from our yard ... got a few good signs printed and hopefully folks wont mind going 5 miles into the country for good produce!!

    Well anyway, glad I found you! Have a great day.

    Frugal Home and Health