Monday, April 26, 2010

sitting down and somewhat focused

Hello hello hellooooooooo, is anybody out there???????? IM still here, I promise!! I realize ive been terrible about posting on here,, but with the gardens, bees, sewing biz , housechores and a toddler, ive been spinning in circles trying to keep it all together..

thought Id post some pics of whats going on here at the Cool Homestead......

spring planting is done, and summer crops are going in now! ill have pictures of the gardens soon

potatoes are up and rocking, I also planted peas, onions, broccoli, carrots lettuce spinach , swisschard, scallions for the spring crop..
Bees are doing great, we have 3 hives, 2 are doing excellent, one is struggling, and does not approve of their queen.

Robb will be rescuing a hive this week from a guy down the road too..

the Greenhouse growin has been a total blessing, everything has been done from seed this year!! i planted over 400 plants, and am selling veggies, herbs and perennials:)

we have had 6 chickens killed in the past 3 days by a raccoon,, and had a fox eyeing the coop last night... slept with a gun by the bed, and kept waking up this morning, just waiting to hear chaos.... we plan on hatching some chicks soon, and now have good reason too,, darn animals are killing all our chickens!!!!

thats our life in a nutshell right now,, sorrry so short, but its better than nothing, eh?
other than that just enjoying like in the Pisgah National Forest:)