Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bee Kind Family Farm Giveaway

Hey all! Time for a GIVE AWAY! Some of you may know, and some may not,, we are  beekeepers and care for about 20 hives on average.  We sell at 2 farmers markets during the summer months . We sell a variety of goodies including, raw honey, eggs, produce, herb and heirloom plants and cut flowers.. We also have an online shop @ . The shop is bare bones right now,, but we should have it stocked up with lots of honey and candles, by mid June!
We sell out of honey every year.. and yes we are out now,,,, with the exception of a couple of Jars of hot peppery infused Honey! Great for sauces,  with crackers n cheese, as a marinade on your favorite meat or veggie. and Ive also heard its pretty fantasic with pecans and bleu cheese....

So onto the **GIVE AWAY***** The winner will receive
* a 16 oz jar of Hot Pepper infused Honey
* a lemon grass scented Beeswax candle
* and a BeeKind Family Farm sticker

Please enter your information in the rafflecopter to qualify for the giveaway!
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