Wednesday, April 24, 2013

spring is here and we are busy!

well, its been a long long while since my last post....
Spring is here and things are busy!
so here is what we have been up to ( I call this Blog post consolidation) since I havent had much time to Blog!

*** solar stand is built and Panels are up.. had a bit of trouble with the stand, which resulted in Robb having to put up, take down, and then completely take down then put back up stand.. before mounting panels.. but its up!
We have innoculated 40 Shitake logs, 5 more to go..
Robb got our solar batch collector hooked up! this will heat all of our indoor hot water in the warm months, ( the cookstove heats all of our water in the winter, you can read about that on a previous post)
 Decided to try out our Honey wine (mead) making skillz... seemed like a win win since we are beekeepers,, yay for free wine!~
and of course  ...  beekeeping,seeding, planting mulching tilling, composting, planting, weeding, planting, loving, living, learning.............

Happy Spring!
(The busy, and tired, but Happy family)
The Cools