Friday, July 31, 2015

Homesteader of the Year


Some exciting news here at The Cools.
I am sure many of you are readers of Mother Earth News Magazine ( and if not you should totally pick up a copy, best magazine ever!)

Anyhoo, we were recently informed by them that were have been selected as ; Mother Earth News Magazines 2015 Homesteaders of the Year!

You can find a small article about us and our Homestead on page 30 of the Current Aug/Sept issue!
Or you can read about us here online

we are the second story titled ; "The Bees Knees"

We are just honored and completely tickled ( and still in shock) to be chosen for such and amazing title by probably our favorite magazine ever!

Just thought I would share this exciting news , and hope to get a more lengthy post in here soon!

The Cools

Monday, July 20, 2015

family, food and farmin'

(this post was written last week.. hehe, just now getting it posted) 



Hello! well I am still without a couple of keys on my keyboard so please forgive any typos!
Well I often feel like I am repeating myself, but life has been extremely busy on the homestead.
Mid July is a time for full on harvest of veggies, canning, soap making and labeling, pulling honey , filling jars and attending the market, butchering chickens . and on and on....
I feel like I should post about some new amazing remodel project that is going on , or some craft I have been working on, but there is just NO time right now.
We have numerous  minor house repairs that hopefully Robb can eventually get too once Bee season slows down and I cant wait to get behind my sewing machine again! Another month or 2 of full on busy and we will really start to slow down and exhale!

On another note, my Dad came to visit this past week. We had WONDERFUL time.. He wanted to be here to Norah off to Camp and then spent a few extra days with us, and was a wonderful help! He helped Fill honey Jars, chop wood( I think he was a bit puzzled that it Is July, we heat completely with wood and had an empty woodshed, I assured him this was the norm and we would catch up,,hahah) We even got creek time in , along with some relaxing evenings enjoying each others company.

Miss Norah is at Camp for an entire week at Turtle Island Preserve. If you are not familiar with this place, or Eustace Conway, you owe it to yourself to check it out. We are very lucky to be able to send here to such an amazing place! I am hoping she is having a blast and cant wait to get her back on Saturday and here all about her experience.

Life is Good!
How is Summer in your neck of the woods?

The Cool Family