Monday, June 24, 2013

and so this is Farming...............

My husband and daughter left early this afternoon for some much needed time together. So as they headed of to do some bike riding at the park, I decided to hit the big garden which is so so so weedy, but after 20 minutes of weeding its started pouring rain, which forced me into the house, and onto the computer to Blog ( its either that or laundry and since I cant hang anything on the line right now....;)

This is our 4th  season as beekeepers. We started in 2010 with 3 hives, bounced up to 6, then up to 20 back down to 9 up to 17 back down to 14 and  are now up to 30 hives( and growing).

.This year I really feel like we are on our way to small time/part time farming..........and its tiresome but feels good!

 Beekeeping is tough. There have been many bumps along the way. and even a time early this year where my husband unintentionally participated in the failing of some hives, and was thinking about giving up on beekeeping. I had NO idea this was going through his mind. I knew he was distraught early in the season after a few big mistakes, but had no idea how much. And then,, things really started repairing themselves ( as nature tends to do despite  the mistakes of humans!) and Robb jumped back on the Bee Bandwagon, :)
I havent seen much of my husband since the beginning of May. We are Not full time farmers ( and I dont really know if we ever will be, although its nice to have a goal and dream) . He is gone 50 hours a week at his day job. He comes home, eats dinnner, talks briefly about his day, and heads out to the bee yard.  When the sun sets he heads to the shed, building hives, building nucs, priming , painting, and building frames..
Lets just say he has been pulling 80-85 hour work weeks since bee season has started.... and lets also say  , IT PAID OFF. We pull and enourmous AMOUNT of honey this spring!!!Nearly 5- 5 gallon buckets! Thats approximately 320 lbs of honey ,, and that was only off of 6 hives ( you dont always pull honey off of all your hives, some are weak, some needs queens replaced , some are new splits,, etc)
We are getting ready for our summer honey flow now!

This was a serious VICTORY for us. We actually went out to lunch and celebrated that afternoon... Might as well bask in the victory and relax for a hot minute :)

I have been been pulling my weight too , now ;). I have been busy Bottling, Labeling, bookeeping, taking care of all internet sales, and packing/shipping.

Now we are learning the business end of it.. selling the honey. We are only doing 2 markets right now. But are also getting in touch with some stores. and actually have one store carrying our honey right now...

My husband is tired. I mean tired....
Last night he looked over at me and said " One more month of hardcore bee management and things should slow down a bit.... but right now all I can think about are bees, I have bees on the brain, big time"...

Our goal is to reach 100 hives....Im really trying to wrap my head around what that would be like, if we are this busy now......

As my dad told me the other night  " Tommorow is a new day"... so I guess we will just wait n see what tommorow brings <3 p="">

Also if you are interested in purchasing some of our delicious Honey, You can do so at :

Some Photos of our life lately here at Bee Kind Family farm

Cutting our larvae for Queen rearing

 Queen cells

Newly hatched virgin Queen

Mating nucs

Hive bodies and supers,, My husband makes all of his equipment..


The man behind it all, watching his girls :)