Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bee Kind Family Farm Honey Giveaway!!!!

Ok,, its giveaway time!! We have been extremely blessed this Bee Season. We have expanded to 64 Hives at the present time and have pulled a whole lotta that liquid Gold!! So I figure its time for a giveaway..
The winner will receive a 1 lb jar of our Summer Harvest Honey.. This is a blend of (the all time favorite here in the mountains) Sourwood. and other various wildflowers including a plant we have here called Japanese Knotweed...
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each one counts as an entry, so if you do all 3, you get 3 entries in the raffle :)
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Good Luck!
Winner will be announced September 5th!

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Homesteading: The true story

Ok, its a little embarrassing, OK, its a lot embarrassing and I am sure my husband is wondering why I would post a picture like this..
If you are wondering what this is, its our wood shed that has somehow turned into a storage shed..
Its the middle of august, and we have NO wood split.. thats right, NONE.

I wanted to show the REAL side of homesteading.  With so many blogs and facebook pages out there showing pretty pictures with lovely quotes attached, I wanted to show what it can REALLY be like....Its not all running through a field of daises, swimmin in the creek  and cookin beans over a cookstove while we all sit around and craft and tell stories and live some laid back fantasy life.. ( well ok maybe in the winter we sit around a bit more;)

This is the reality of having a LOT going on....THIS is the reality of trying to be self sufficient, it can get ugly,, haha

we went from about 20 hives to 60 this year. and between that, gardens, the farmers market, raising a 7 yr old, canning our harvest, and everything else life has to offer, we are just a litttttle behind.

Being completely off the power grid, this is our only source of heat, Hot water and how we cook and bake from about october to may. so we go through A LOT of wood.

Robb assures me we are ok, and he is going to start splitting that big ol pile soon. but thats not even close to what we need . If he have to buy a load this year, I am ok with that.. its  hard to do it all, and we just have to remember that sometimes its not possible...and sometimes ya have to pull out the checkbook to keep your own sanity.....

This is what homesteading looks like at times.. its a never ending battle to keep up!!! But what else would we do if not this??? its our life :)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summers done come n gone, my oh my...

Yes, yes it has. And I have again managed to neglect my blog.  Its been insanely busy around here, and I just don't have time to blog, or when I do I am dog tired... So how about a photo gallery of our summer here on the homestead? We had an amazing bounty from the garden this year, and now have 60 Hives!
We stayed busy gardening, canning, selling at the market. we even managed a trip back to our hometown for My dads retirement Party. It was a nice break from work at home and a long overdue visit with my family!

                                                                      Norah Helping Process Chickens

                                             a bountiful year for honey (600 lbs so far!),, and look at the rainbow of color!
                                                                       Our Market Booth
                                                                 our Market Booth
                                                                       Norah selling her honey from her hive
                                                                   dads retirement party!

Cousins :)

I hate to say it, but I feel fall in the air.......... Its been nice prepping the falling garden on these cool days,, but I am not quite ready for winter ( neither is our wood shed :0 )

Savoring the last of the summer days.........................................

Until next time
The Cools