Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Late Summer Foraging


With life on the homestead slowing down a bit, and the temperatures a little more tolerable, we have been able to get out into the woods and do some wild foraging,
The days have been filled with Elderberry Jam making, elderberry drying ( for elderberry syrup this winter) , Baking persimmon Cake in the sun oven , and storing away some chicken of the woods mushrooms in the freezer for this winter .
We just had a good rain ( after about a month of dry!) So I might venture back out and forage some more if time allows..

What's growing in your neck of the woods??

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Homemade Chevre

Homemade Chevre, I'm addicted to making it! Its so easy and the end result is unmatched. I was a bit skeptical about my cheese making abilities, how time and instruction intensive it was to make it, and how just taking a half gallon of milk, sprinkling some culture in it and letting it sit could transform this milk (which is good in an of itself) to this goat cheese that is just as good as my local markets ( ok maybe not as good, I have to give those women credit, they know their cheese )
The only big challenge is finding raw goats milk, If you don't have goats or live in an area where farming is prevelant , this can be a challenge. Luckily a neighboring farmer has more than he needed at was happy to start bartering for some of our Honey . This works out perfect, although having our own goats would mean fresh goat cheese cheese all the time..I'm talking to my husband about that now ;) hehe

you can find very easy Chevre Making directions on the link below! I ordered my butter Muslin and Culture from them. If you live close to a bigger town you could probably find a supplier. This was just easiest for me. The butter Muslin is a bit pricey, but I wash mine an reuse it!