Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

The Eve of Christmas was spent making homemade Pierogies for dinner ( and dog treats for our furry family member). We had a lovely meal of our pasture raised Pork, Homegrown home fermented Sauerkraut and homemade Pierogies.
Christmas took place outside for a good portion of the day. Hot Cider and Butternut squash and sausage soup warmed on the fire filled our bellies.
Our hearts are full <3 br="">Merry Christmas from our Homestead , to you and yours 

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Don't Grow up... yet

Please, don't grow up,, Miss Norah Jane,, I see it, It morphs from from day to day, a shape shifter of child, young lady and (gulp) a short glimpse into preteen at times...Sometimes I see the grown up Norah more than I am ready for, but then the Little Norah sneaks back and takes precedence, and I exhale.  because I get: ONE more day of little Norah Jane....
Almost 11 yrs old ( well not until May 1) and still attached to stuffed animals and pretend play, decking out your Tree house landscape, catching critters around the homestead,  and just hanging out with the chickens.  An imagination  that is 10 fold what mine was at this age.
Growing up Alone, in the forest, with no siblings is an attribute to such an imagination  You have a naive nature that I hope you carry with you a bit longer, because kids grow up too fast.
I hope I can remember the 10 year old Norah 30 yrs from now.. I take pictures, I blog, but I hope whats in my heart is how I remember you  best...

Friday, November 10, 2017

Autumn at the Homestead

Greetings! And Welcome November ! 
We have really just been buttoning things up around here, gettting ready for winter.
With bee season finally at a standstill  ( with the exception of autumn feeding) we have been able to play catch up

In the past few months we have been...................................

 Splitting firewood, our only source of heat

 Bottling Muscadine Wine

 Preserving the Bounty

 Wild Foraging and making Medicine

 Eating Comfort Food

Adding these 2 to the farm,, Pickles and Pancakes

Processing the last batch of Chickens

Enjoying Garden Bounty In November 

 Enjoying the last few weekends at Coffeys General Store before we close for the Winter

reveling in the autumn beauty that is my commute.....


The Cool Family

Friday, September 15, 2017

Staying Balanced Staying Creative

The farm, homestead and ol General Store demand a lot of my time from March through September.
and as the apiary grows from year to year, My end of the honey business " to do list" can be somewhat overwhelming, not leaving a whole lot of time for what Ive always loved to do : BE CREATIVE!
For years I had a sewing business ( before the farm took hold of our time) and it allowed me to create every day! I did burn out at times, but I always felt fufilled at the end of the day. I am reminded that I need to keep creating to keep a balance in my life.

Norah and I took time away from Chores to make Toad Houses. Such a inexpensive, simple way to spend time together and create. We gathered Rocks, sticks, moss, pincones, tree bark and whatever else we could find.

Ive gotten back to my sewing too. It feels really good to do what Ive always loved.
You can check out some of my creations , soon, at

I will be offering handmade clothing, wildcraft herbals, things I find in the woods,  and really just anything I find wild and beautiful <3 br="">Please feel free to favorite my shop so you know when I add some more items ,,

What are you currently working ? I would love to hear what you are skilled at and practice in moments that you have time,


Monday, July 24, 2017

In A nutshell

I am surprised I don't have more posts with this title, as I always feel that time gets away and I'm posting about whats going on , on the farm and homestead........... In a nutshell!

I found a moment of peace this a.m. My husband took my daughter to music camp , its quiet and I have my coffee,, a good time to sit , reflect and tell ya'll ( well as much as I can , there has been a LOT going on) what we have been up to!


They are more on the Jungle side of things now, or alteast getting there, but they sure were beautiful at one point , this is one of 4 gardens.....


 A few photos of our Daily Harvests


its been a BUSY 4-5 months, we just pulled our Summer Honey ( about 1000 lbs) once that is extracted and in buckets, it will be time to get the girls ready for winter..
Here are a few photos from this Bee season.

My Niece Collette Came down for a week. Norah and her had an amazing time!  From creek swimming To fort Building ~ Tree house redecorating to raiding the candy counter at the General store, :) I miss her already and sure hopes she visits again soon!

Saying Goodbye To Bob and Terry was tough to say the least... We now  have a freezer full of meat to get us through winter and for that I am super Thankful... We will process 25 more chickens before winter and I still have a lot of garden Bounty to put up. We will be eating good this winter .

  So that's our summer In a Nutshell................................................

The Cool Family