Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Herbs and Herbal Teas

So, for the past couple weeks I have been busy harvesting and drying Herbs in an effort to blend some Herbal Teas for my shop and for the upcoming Farmers Market.

We have an abundance of Stinging Nettles throughout the Forest! ( if you are not familiar with the benefits you can read my previous HERE post to find out more!)

My first Herbal tea blend : *Cool It** A blend of Nettles, Catnip and Lavender..

Its absolutely delightful! I am so happy with the flavor and aroma. Its good as an iced tea as well as  hot tea.. a wonderful way to decompress after a long day or just to ease those nerves on those stressful days.

and of course I would recommend you pair it up with Bee Kind Family Farms Raw Honey ( which we will have available very very soon!)

Mug is made By Artist Molly Johnson Of Molly Johnson Ceramics ...

The Cool Family

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  1. Beautiful!
    At our new place there is a LOT of Lemon Balm. I'm not sure if it's too old by now or not (it's still quite green but large) ... maybe you can tell me about it and advise what to do with it? I dried what I could cut off of one whole bush, but the only thing I can think to do with it is herbal tea. I made a tincture with 2c vodka, 1c distilled water, poured over a quart jar half-packed with lemon balm leaves. Even still ... what do I do with that?! I think we'll never use it and it will just sit there going to waste.

    Any tips or suggestions for this herb would be greatly appreciated!!