Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow, Ice, and the aftermath of Backwoods living

So, we did get some snow on Monday! It was not near the foot of snow they were calling for but we did end up with about 5" of the white stuff followed by icepellets falling from the sky for about 4 hours....
We spent Monday  hiking, baking, eating, and staying warm.... It was a lovely day!

Now.. we deal with the aftermath

I realize to some 5" of snow and ice doesn't qualify as snow storm ( we know we know that you northerners get like 10 feet haha)
But with where we live, 5" of snow, covering a thick layer of ice can be crippling here.

the first 12 miles, in and direction of our commute is narrow( sometimes single lane) windy , rugged( depending on which you way go, some are worse than others) dirt/gravel road...

Could I leave in this weather? maybe, but its an awful idea, especially with a kid in the car.....

No guardrails , just big ol drop off into the forest or the creek should your car decide to slide, and there is no turning around which can pose a problem, not to mention not a single person around( especially when its like this), trees in the road,, and yeah..... you get stuck, you are pretty much screwed..
There is NO cell service here for about 40 minutes, ( we dont own one)so you cant call anyone either,,...

This is JUST to get to a paved road. this is 2 days after getting 5" of snow......

My commute , to get Norah to school, or to go to town is : 12 miles of gravel to get out of the national forest, then 4 miles to get to a crossroads, this crossroads is our "town" it has a gas station, post office and a small mountain  school of 300 k-8th grade
Then to get to a small town with a grocery I drive another 10 miles
Total travel time : about 40-45 minutes to get her to school and about and  hour to town.

so now we deal with the aftermath, which will go as follows
frozen ice roads , slush, and then the worst part.........MUD .......

Not sure we are leaving this week at all,, the temps are going below 0 again tonight so the road is going to stay a sheet of snow covered ice.. and they don't plow here,, unless the forest service contracts someone out and that takes about a week before anyone shows up.

Hope everyone is staying warm,, after this arctic blast, I best see some daffs popping out of the ground :) Ive got peas to get in the ground too , along with apple trees to move as soon as we thaw out!
for Now Im thinking like a Chicken,, I'm staying in ;)


The Cools

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Garden Fence Update


My husband has been working so hard in allll his spare time >insert sarcasm here< to get my fence done for me In my Back Gardens..
Its getting there! He spent most the day Sunday working on it... I am making the stepping stones and have so many more to make.. I am using a mold and can only make one at a time,, so its slow going..  but hope to have a majority of them done in the next month. Then we will had mulch in the walkways..
I have quite a few different garden spots, but this one is going to take the cake. I cant wait to see it bursting at the seams with veggies ,flowers and pollinators ..

Ill be sure and post a picture this Spring!