Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nature Inspired Holiday

I saw the most peculiar thing a couple of months ago in the store.... Pinecones..... in a bag...... for sale.................  I realize not everyone lives in a natural environment and I think  they deserve pinecones as much as the next person. ;)
So here are some ideas and photos to inspire a Natural, from the earth, handmade Holiday.

A walk in the woods and a basket is all you need. This is a wonderful way to kick off the holidays with your family . Children love running through the woods collecting natures tiny gifts.
This Year I collected Holly( which is abundant around here) pine, chestnuts, and pine cones of all sizes.
You can fill bowls with chestnuts,  or arrange pine and holly around the house..
pine and holly  may need to be replaced about every week. Although I find that Frasier Fir ( which are also the tree of choice here) really hold their needles for a long long time.. After we get out tree, I take all the extra cut branches and decorate.

   The Box was made by us, out of reclaimed wood, and the Candle tree Branch Candle holders were made by us as well :)..
A beautiful display for the holidays, and it didn't cost us but a penny.

I would love to hear your nature inspired Holiday Ideas!

Blessings and Happy Holidays!!!
The cools