Thursday, May 14, 2015


I gotta say I get a little jealous of the folks out there with methodical, well thought out, consistent, pretty blogs.
I feel like I was keeping up ok on here for awhile, but now feel like I am getting entirely to busy to take the time to sit down and do this. This is NOT to say that other bloggers aren't busy,, I honestly just think they maybe they use their time more wisely? or maybe they don't sleep? I don't know.. Whatever the case may be, I can only speak for me, and Ill tell ya its been BUSY around here!!
So I figure I would just catch ya up on whats been going on around the homestead!


Everything is growing beautifully in the gardens, and while we could use a little more rain to really make them explode, we are picking lettuce, kale , chard, cilantro, sugar snaps, arugala, and radish..
I have pretty much my entire garden(s) in. all 5 areas,, although I am thinking Of tilling up another tinny spot for more carrots, bunching onions, beets, and peppers.. but we will see if time allows :)


I asked my husband the other evening " Do you feel you are keeping up with the bees?" His response was " I am at the cusp, and could fall behind any day now" ..hahaha, well I guess we know how he feels,,, busy and maybe slightly overwhelmed.  Welcome to the beginning of Bee season!

We lost quite a few hives this winter. its always a hard thing to swallow. We are fortunate to be able to rear our own queens and make our own hives though, RObb has been busy rearing queens, building mini mating nucs, and expanding the apiary. I believe he has reared around 20 successful queens thus far! (that means 20 more hives already, if all goes well!!)
We are currently at about 40 hives and really hope to reach near 80-100 this year.

The SPRING FLOW has started!!! The Tulip Poplars, Holly Trees and Black berries are all blooming. These are just some of the flowers that contribute to our honey flow. The bees are furiously building comb and getting ready to fill them up with that sweet sweet nectar!

Workshops, teaching and more.......



We have had the wonderful opportunity to do some teaching the past couple weeks.
May 3rd we attended Eustace Conways ( you may know him from the show Mountain Men on the history channel?) Turtle Island Preserve for *Families Learning Together* to teach a beekeeping workshop! It was a wonderful day filled with teaching, learning and just chatting with so many like minded folks! We also had a diagram of our Off grid/solar set up and spoke about that as well.  They had everything from woodworking, blacksmithing, hide tanning, soap making , basket weaving, and more!!

This past Monday, we went up to our Local school to teach the 1st graders about Bees. This was our second year invited up talk to them and its always
SO much Fun! We really love the enthusiasm these kids show for honeybees, and all the great questions they ask. We feel very lucky to be able to spread the word about the importance of honeybees!

 We will also be hosting a Queen Rearing Workshop at our home on June 6-7th!

We have about 20 chickens ready to butcher in 2 weeks, with another 20 that will be ready in about another 2 months. We finally finished up an additional chicken tractor for the baby meat birds.
The Little kids

The big kids

So that about wraps it up..kinda sorta.. oh besides the pipe that is leaking under our home , which is on a concrete slab,which requires digging 32" down to find the pipe, taking apart the deck and replumbing that section of the  house.. sigh, we will save that post for another day... Its just so negative haha..

The cools



  1. Your blog looks great to me, and goodness have you been super busy! Keep at appears to be paying dividends. Take care, J. x

  2. Your blog is lovely.
    I know what it is like to be so busy & you are doing such a great job, I love catching up with you all.
    Fondly Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle :) Thanks for taking the time to read our Blog! This time of year is so busy, but so fulfilling! I am happiest in my garden <3

  3. Your blog is lovely.
    I know what it is like to be so busy & you are doing such a great job, I love catching up with you all.
    Fondly Michelle

  4. Your blog is wonderful... Full of love and great info about life in the forrest. Im enjoying it. A wonderful change to my eyes and ears.. I have learned to respect Garden bee much over the last several years i have always been afraid of them behind being stung a few times when i was young. The place im leaving in the city has a big back yard i have a bumble bee family as well. Lol and i talk to ber all the time. Your blog is great doing a great job. With love Janice

    1. I thrilled to hear you are co-existing with your Bee family <3
      Congrats on your new big back yard! Will you be planting a garden?

  5. Hi,

    I co-host a podcast called Off The Grid Radio about off-grid living, and we are interested in interviewing you for a 20-minute podcast. (I found your blog on a Google search.)

    I'd love to discuss details with you:


    1. Hi Michael, I will email you.. yes, we would love to talk to you.

  6. I think they just don't sleep. ;)

    We do not have the internet at home now ... too expensive at our new place. So what I've been TRYING to do is every little bit I sit down and write down a few thoughts on the laptop. I get some posts ready that way and then when I come in to town I finalize them and either post them all at once or 'schedule' them.

    But really, blogging just isn't a priority most of the time and it gets neglected. The main reason why I do it is for my personal records. I cannot even count how many times I've went back to my blog for a recipe or a memory refresher.