Friday, November 14, 2014

Latest Handmade Happenings

 Cold Process Soap! My new craft obsession....I have several batches curing  including a batch of Lavender. Homemade soap and delicious smelling home.. double win!
I have also been working on a small quilt with the overflowing stash of fabric scraps in my sewing room. This will either add some color to the living room or maybe a picnic blanket for next spring ( yes , I am already thinking spring)
Norah is working on some sewing crafts too. I am wondering if there wont be a sewing machine under the Tree this year for my budding seamstress..

I am looking to stock up my shop with candles and soap soon in time for your  HaNDMade Holiday shopping. What is your favorite soap scent?


  1. I love Quilts...let me know if you ever decide to make them to sell. I sure hope Santa brings Norah a sewing machine this year!

    1. I will! I made clothing for a long time and needed to do something new. Yes, Norah may very well get a sewing machine, as it is very hard to get anything done when we have to share the machine ,,hehe