Friday, November 21, 2014

Artist Feature and Giveway with Molly Johnson Ceramics !

Today I am happy to bring you an artist Feature and *GiveAway* by Molly Johnson Ceramics.

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Molly Johnson is A mother  to 2 small children. She resides in Indiana with her husband Ben, where they are both Artists. When she is not caring for her little ones, she is creating art and working as an Instructor at  The Indianapolis Art Center…
 My Interview With Molly

What Inspires You  as an artist?


Being and artist, to me is about balance. Creating arts give me balance in life that I wouldn’t otherwise have.  I am also inspired world events and possibilities that arise along the way bring new ideas to the table as well.

How long Have you been working with Clay?

Ive been working with art ever since I can remember.  I've worked with many mediums including , drawing, pastel, and painting. I started working with Clay in 2002 where I attended Kent State University with a major in ceramics.

Why clay?

The teachers  and the environment is generally is what lead me to ceramics.  The teachers were very inspiring. The mode in making clay is also different than other crafts, to me it is very calming.
What advice to you have for others?
Keep making work. Keep Creating. Don’t distract yourself with who is seeing it or what they may think. Try new techniques and apply then to your own idea. Pay attention to other artists and see how their techniques have evolved and learn from them.

Some of Mollys past work

You can find out more about Molly Johnson Ceramics and purchase her art at the following Links Below.



Molly has been generous enough to offer up this beautiful Tumbler!

This stout little cup would make a great holder of flowers, brushes, pencils, or knick knacks of any kind!

Made on the potters wheel of a white stoneware clay, it has a shapely figure with two handles that each coil into three loops. Two glazes interact along the surface creating a cascading visual effect of waverly lines down to its foot. The colors range from a pale pastel blue to a beautiful blue- green with crystaline qualities. Truly a dainty little addition to any table top.

How to enter


Giveaway ends DECEMBER 1st, I will announce the winner on December 2nd!!!!

Good luck!





  1. im super excited about this blog (and I don't really do blogs) I love your sisters beautiful art! thank you for offering this chance are owning it! but most of all I love that you both are actually living the way YOU choose. being the you, you truly want to be. much respect. mj.

  2. Absolutely beautiful work! i love pottery. Your sister is very talent. :) Your blog is looking good!

  3. Beautiful ��

    Loving the blog girl!

  4. The tumbler is goegous and Sonos your other work! What a special talent

  5. I am in awe of your amazing art. I tried to do pottery once, and I failed miserably. It is MUCH harder than it appears in Ghost ;)

  6. Gorgeous work! I love the tumbler. It's so pretty!

  7. We have 4 of Molly's bowls and the are just beautiful!

  8. I love anything pottery.Her work is lovely.

  9. Gorgeous work ..... all of it I really love her style

  10. Beautiful style. . . I love her work.

  11. Beautiful artwork! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world!

  12. I am going to enter this giveaway if it is the last thing I do! ahhahaha! Thought i entered yesterday but I don't see my name? Anyway, I dig it and it would be an honor to win. So lovely!


  13. Very beautiful pieces - the gracefulness of an artist's loving hand in each one!

  14. I love the beautiful pieces also. How great to have a chance to win.

  15. Love reading your blog so very interesting. Also so much talent in making the pottery id love to have a piece to use at my table.

  16. Cre Willis, you are the winner of the Tumbler!!! Thank you so much to everyone who participated, Be sure to check out Mollys other works of art!!!! they make great holiday gifts!!