Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dont give up on me, I'm covered in BEES !

 Terry  Blowing some Bubbles

 My dad helping in the beeyard and being silly  ( acting like he is being attacked by bees )

 It's creek Time!
Bust first Helping Dad out painting some hives

My husband has been busy building bee equipment

Coffeys General Store open for business

Its sure been awhile friends! Don't give up on my and this ol Blog. Don't worry,  I am not literally covered in Bees, but our bee yard has blown up to about 90 hives :o  and life has just been busy. Add in 40 some odd chicken, 5 gardens,2 pigs, 2 farmers markets, 1 child, and 1 General Store to run, and you are running your tail of .

Spring is in full force here. I finally got the last of my gardens in 2 days ago, The spring honey flow is starting to happen, The store Opened The first of April, and everything is Green as can be :)

I hope everyone is getting some of this warm weather. Its been pretty nice here in NC, I know some of ya'll up North and still kind of chilly. Hoping you get to enjoy some beautiful Spring days soon!



  1. 90 hives.! Goodness I can only just manage our 10. A busy time ahead for you. Just starting the swarming season here and as we don't really want any more hives we are hoping we don't get too many.
    Gill in England

  2. I am stunned by how many bee keeping pieces you have built. Astounding.

    You all are so inspiring.

    My husband and I would love to life as much off the grid as we can one day and are taking steps to investigate how we can begin by using solar power to fuel the small Bnb we have outside New York City.

    Thanks for inspiring us.
    Living sustainably off $100/week and rent free in NYC.

    1. Hey Jennifer! I will be sure to check out your site! thanks so much for the kind words.