Friday, February 15, 2013


I am feeling horribly behind this year. Behind on tilling the garden, behind on starting seeds.. behind on everything! am not sure if this is how I feel every year ( probably,,lol) or if Im really behind!  a majority of my time has been spent driving...yeah we do a lot of that sometimes....its part of where we live.

My daughter has been constantly sick this year . Pneumonia 2 times, stomach flu, and today and emergency trip to the doctor to find out she has strep! The poor kid has been in an out of the doctors office and hospital for the past 4 months.

Now, when you live where we do, you dont just run up to the doctors office. Its an all day event. You best take a snack, a lunch, hell maybe even,,

Its 50 miles one way to the docs, ( the first 12 being gravel, windy mountain gravel roads). It takes about 35-45 to hit a paved country road ( depending on your windy gravel mountain driving skillz) and another 15-20 to hit a grocery store of any sort.
My drive to the doctors is 1 hour and 20 minutes. One way. yep you read that right,,....its a haul, but you actually get used to it.. You just accept that when you have to leave, you are using up an entire day... Its not gonna take you an hour for a visit to the doc,, its gonna take you 4.

 To give you an idea...We live 40-45 minutes from the closest  Gas station  and
a solid Hour from a small/midsize town with a grocery store..

Edgemont is a hard town to explain..... its a town that kind of appears out of nowhere.. Your drive and drive, and see pretty much nothing but National Forest, small cabins here and there, trees, creek,.....
and all of a sudden you come upon this quaint little town ( almost like a ghost town, atleast in the winter).. There is no store here. just a gravel road that passes through a small stretch of houses..
It might sound silly , but Edgemont kind of reminds me of that town from the Movie "Big Fish"..  ( Tim Burton film totally worth seeing)... Its almost magic.. and despite the distance from everything its what made us stay here.....
We are one of only a couple of full timers here... Its quiet in the winter,, like silence you have to experience to truly understand( and appreciate and ultimately desire)
The summers are still quiet, but we do get traffice from people passing through for a Sunday drive, or weekend folk up to spend time at their cabins.
Its the place that no one know about( seriously, i cant tell you how many "local" folks have never heard of Edgemont),, and when you do meet that person that finally smiles and doesnt say "where is that?", you actually get pretty excited that someone has an idea of where you live! hehe

Edgemont is in a National Forest , it was once a fairly booming town... but was completely wiped out by a couple of floods in the early to mid 1900's, and never made a come back.... it remained a ghost town.. ...In 1995 ( I believe???) the Nature Conservancy bought most all the land surrounding Edgemont .
It is Now the Pisgah National forest, and Edgemont lives beside Wilson Creek, a wild and scenic river that boasts some of the cleanest drinking water in the United States....

So there you have it...I will leave you with some photos.. This is what i see everysingle day driving out of here.. whether it be the 45 minute drive to Take my daughter to school, and hour to go get groceries or that dreaded 1.5 hour trip to the doctor....

It took us years to come to terms with the drive ( we actually almost moved a couple time,, this place is not for everyone) and I am pretty sure now you would have to drag us outta here kickin and screaming... it is home.


  1. Your area is beautiful. I didn't realize that NC still had places to live that was so far from civilization. I live south of Raleigh and visit often to to the Burnsville area. I hope to live in the mountains some day. Your area sounds like my dream. :)

  2. Hey Heidi!
    I dont think there are many towns like this,,, Its definetaly a treasure...
    Burnsville is a beautiful area as well, my sister used to live there!