Friday, February 1, 2013

Brought to you by the Letter B

Ive decided to stop trying to be so focused on one topic for my Blogs.. I am not super focused as an individual , so why try and fool anyone,,haha..
Ill just type what I type, and that will be that. I think partly its because we have so much going on.. I lack in my posts, and then want to tell you all at once what we have been up to!
So I decided to pick a letter and go with it.. Todays blog is brought to you by the letter B

In short, its been a pretty busy winter. and while I am ready for it to hurry on up and move over for spring, I know all of the work that comes along with the next 3 seasons ahead!...

we have been brewing our own beer for a little over a year now. we just finished making a delicous Oatmeal Stout, and have started selling it in small batches.   Being beekeepers,  we have often been asked if we make Mead. Mead is the oldest brew known to mankind.. dating way back. Its is basically a Honey Wine. A basic mead consists of Honey, water, and yeast.. You can also add fruit to make blueberry mead, raspberrry mead, etc... or Dandelions to make Dandelion mead.. etc...
This round we made a Mellow Mel Mead and a basic Mead. It ferments in the carboy for 2 weeks. then is transferred to another container for about 3-4 months or longer, before it is ready to drink.. It Is higher in alcohol (12-21% similar to wine) and can taste like rocket fuel if drink before its ready.
We have made 4 gallons, and it should be ready sometime around June..
BROCCOLI: Ive started some seeds.. this always helps with those winter blues. and brings hope for warmer weather! Ive started broccoli, cabbage, leeks, and snapdragons...
peppers, tomatoes, herbs, eggplant, and all those other goodies will be started in the next month.. We will be selling at 2 farmers markets this year, and I hope to have lots of plants available along with honey and eggs. ( if you are local and want plants, let me know)

BARRED ROCKS:  Out with the old and in with the new ( sorry veggie folk :/)  Monday we will be butchering some of our Barred Rocks. and have started to add eggs to the incubator for a new batch. We have found these birds to be the Best Heritage Meat bird.. actually they are a great dual purpose as they are great layers too, and have a great temperment.....

BEE: We are gearing up for another Bee season,, Looks like all 15 hives are doing well, another month or so and we should know for sure if they made it through the winter, but they all look strong, and we hope to get our hive count back up after losing quite a few last year.  Here is one of our girls out on a stroll during a warm winter day...
BIGGIE:  This is our Rooster" Biggie Smalls" he has been part of our homestead for 4 years and I LOVE this darn rooster... Last week I walked outside to see him hanging UPSIDE DOWN from the netting that covers the outside area of the coop! He looked dead, and frankly i thought he was for a minute.. I managed to cut the netting and get him out, but his foot was pretty hurt. Initially I thought he broke his leg, because it looked super twisted( but I guess anyones leg would be twisted if they were hanging upside down from a net). I brought him inside, and he put him in a container for a couple days , so he wouldnt use his foot too much ( giving him time to see if he could recover) He is back in the pen with his ladies, and although he limps a bit, he looks like he is going to be ok!
and last but not least

BOUNTY:  I picked this beautiful bounty last week.. Thanks to my greenhouse and some very unusual winter weather!


  so, what are you doing this winter? ( Preferably using the letter B ;)

Until next time

The Cools


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