Monday, September 10, 2012

Why I suck at blogging

My father has told me many times to keep track of what we are doing, to write it down, even if its on a piece of notebook paper , a scribble in a journal, just a quick note about the day. Of course its a great idea, and it seems so easy , right??!?!?!?!

I dont write. I talk a lot, haha, but I cant seem to get my point across on paper/computer. Im either too scatter brained, tired, or just plain freeze up when I sit down in front of the computer. We are doing so much here and I really wish I could get my shiznit together so I could share all of this with you.

The cool mornings signal change, a time to slow down, cozy up by the cookstove , and write???

I know I've got it in me somewhere.. so please bear with me... Im working on it,, if not for me, for my Father <3 p="p">
 In the meantime, Here are some reasons I have not blogged lol ( besides total writers block,,hahaha, atleast some damn good excuses ;)

We hope to have some exciting posts up soon, including
hooking our all our hot water up to our cookstove
Beekeeping basics
 making and canning homemade chicken sausage
the construction of our summer kitchen
and of course the big countdown to our Off grid home (10 month deadline!)


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