Friday, September 14, 2012

They're On the Move

I love autumn, its is hands down my favorite season. The Cool mornings make gardening so much more enjoyable!
Ive been working on cleaning up my gardens from summers crops, and slowly getting my fall garden planted. Its a chore, to say the least. I am just about done with all clean up with the exception of this:

Yep, that s my strawberry there somewhere..

 it now resembles a jungle more than a strawberry patch. The weeds slowly took over the past couple months. After the last crop of berries in June, I totally neglected this area,, as you can see,,haha.

Here's the problem (and really I am not making excuses, i would really love to clean this up ;)!)

 While i thoroughly enjoy fall,, its when the snakes here are seen the most...We have snakes down here, a lot of snakes, poisonous snakes..
So many so, that we have seen 3 poisonous snakes in a day on more than on occasion.  as a rule here in Edgemont, you AVOID brush, tall grass, and leaf covered areas at all costs..

While Ive come to terms with the amount of snakes here, and realize its part of living here,,, there is no way I am getting in that strawberry patch.. Ill guess Ill have to wait for a frost and until the snakes go in for a long winters nap..
Because as the folks in Edgmeont Say  " They are on the move".......


  1. oh wow! thats crazy that they are everywhere!! I'd be pretty freaked out, having never seen a wild poisonous snake..

  2. Hey Erin, yeah this time year is bad... and its the time of year that i cant see in my gardens because they turn into crazy jungle like areas :o

  3. Thank you God that I'm not there to meet one! Egads!!

  4. strawberry patch looks just that (but smaller)! ha ha. My asparagus bed looked like that last wee, but i finally cleaned it out and planted spinach there instead. My strawberries are every bearing and they just started flowering again.