Friday, July 15, 2011

To market To market

woahh nelly, its been awhile since Ive posted a single word on here! I do greatly appreciate all of you following my poorly maintained blog! Summer is definetaly in full swing around here! Between the 24 Beehives, Gardens, canning and the Farmers Market its been crazy, in a really good way of course ;)
We have been picking and abundance of greenbeans, squash,, cucumbers, and tomatoes are really starting to ripen now! Plenty of produce for the market and enough for me fill the pantry with canned goods ...
If you are In the mountains of western NC, come see us at the Blowing Rock Farmers Market! We offer Raw Honey, fresh eggs, produce baskets(they make great gifts!) & an assortment of produce. Look for the * Bee Kind Family Farm* Booth! Ill try and post again soon!


  1. heya, great blog! i'm inspired to do some canning. how about some favorite canning recipes or a canning tutorial?? ;0)

  2. Hi erinleee!~ please keep checking back, I will definetly Blog about canning this year :)