Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brought to you by The Letter "P"

ahhhhhhhhhh, summer time.. who doesnt love warm summer nights, being barefoot in the garden, bees buzzing, a dip in the creek,... So today, I bring you some of the loverly things, that summer homesteading activities bring, that start with the ****Letter P** and you can decide which one is your least favorite ;)
and a horrible case of
Lets just say canning, when its 100 degrees/85% humidity, with poison oak, is not OK.... but the peaches had NO sympathy as they sat bruised and getting softer by the minute, the peppers slowly losing their crisp, and the cucumbers stacking up in my fridge in ridiculous proportions, I had to woman up......

Ive spared you the picture of the poison oak, and will leave you with this pleasant photo:) ya cant have the sweet without the sour I suppose ;)

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