Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SPRING wherreeee areeee Youuuuu?

"Giraffe wheeerreeee areeee youuuuu?" this is what my daughter frantically repeats when she cant find her favorite stuffed animal, giraffe, or a missing toy,, she doesnt look for it, just yells out "where are youuuuuuuuuuu?" a couple times hoping it will suddenly appear in front of her exclaiming "Here i am Norah"
I decided to give this a try .. opened my window this morning and yelled out to Mother Nature " SPRING whereee areeeee youuuuuuuu"?
She responded with 6" of snow.
Im an Ohio girl Born n raised for the first 27 yrs of my life so you figure I would be used to snow In March, well Im not.. the past 5 yrs Ive lived in NC the winters have been soooo MILD,, last year this time I had spinach,lettuce and carrots in, and peas pushing their little heads through the earth exclaiming "here I am".. and i didnt even have to say peas where are you,,heheee
Now the ground is still pretty much frozen, it is warming up this week, so im anticipating planting peas, spinach , lettuce , onions, carrots, followed by some potatoes!!!..
another HUGE reason i need to see the SUN is because My wonderful Husband built me a greenhouse about 2 months ago!
its been a MOOD enhancer for sure, it can be 30 outside and 90 in that baby when the sun is out!
Ive started A LOT of seeds,,including but not limited to so far i have seeded19 romas... 23 brandywine tomatoes 10 sweet banana 15 jalapeno 18 broccoli 6 basil 18 lavender(only 5 germinated i will have to do cuttings instead, much easier)18 painted daisy1 8 gallardia flower 18 echinacea(purple cone flower)6 cilantro 6 eggplants 9 rosemary (from cuttings)9 buddleia(from cuttings)9 st johns wort9 dill18 blue chrysanthemum9 thyme9 catnip9 dianthaus allwoods pink(heirloom perennial)9 chrysanthemum robsinson red(heirloom) perennial).. PHEWWWW
I do have them under grow lights on cloudy days, which work excellent,
I have 2 shelves and 2 grow lights,,
I am really looking for it to warm up and for lonnnger days , so i can transplant my tomatoes into quart pots and plant my broccoli into the ground,, and then next week i hope to start peas, spinach, swisschard, onions,, and then potatoes shortly after
all my seedlings are doing fantastic thus far, and im hoping to maybe set up a little stand out front and sell my xtras! we get like NO traffic haha,, during the week I might see a car,,
Lets just say when a car goes by my daughter says " a car,, look a car!!!!" heehehe or Robb and I will look at eachother and say " is there a car going by?" and will get up to look out the window,, yes its that secluded,,lol
But on the weekends folks drive through the Pisgah NationaL forest and some stop to by eggs. we do really well with eggs in the summer months, so why not add some perennial and veggies, and some HONEY,, which ill BEE bloggin about next....
we are getting our Bees in 3 weeks!
Until then Ill be in the greenhouse poking my head out from time to time yelling SPRING wherrreeee are youuuuuuuuuuu?


  1. Alright mama, how do you keep the deer out of your garden? We never had a problem when we had Sampson, but now without him...OMG! The deer have been right up into my yard, leaving piles of poop four feet from my front door. They have destroyed my rhododendrons, Azaleas and most of the day lilies. My garden doesn't have a chance this year. Any suggestions?

  2. as a transplanted southern belle who suddenly landded on the moon, lol ok michigan but still pert near, i have been sadly missing early spring, maybe i should give a hollar, yoohoo, sunshine? :p anyhoo just popping in to let you know you have a new reader :)