Sunday, February 7, 2010

Laundry 5 cents

Ya know those little Primitive signs you can buy,, "laundry 5 cents",, i realize they are supposed to reflect the cost 100 yrs ago, but honestly, i wouldnt do 1 load of your laundry for 20.00 in this here machine... Im pretty sure Im going to have a hard time keeping on my own...

So here it is,, Ive tried it out a little,, ( im not doing all my laundry in it,, haha, ill admit,, i still have the luxury of my other washing machine am enjoying it while its around)

Its definetly very basic.. although if you look at robbs face in this picture he does look thoroughly confused.. well we couldnt figure out which way the darn wringer went on,, and either way you put it on there is still a gap between the washer and wringer, so when you wring the clothes water goes ALL OVER the floor and the clothes you just wrung out,, so you have to almost lead the clothes as you go,, you can just wring and let em hit the ground or they will be just as wet as they were before you put em through the wringer,, slightly annoying, but i figure all these little annoyances will just be second nature sooner or later.

We still need to buy another tub for washing... I will probably just buy that at the local feed,, its a LOT cheaper..

Next nice day i plan on taking this beauty out and givin her another try... I plan to use it ATLEAST twice a week,, get myself use to it:)

as far as the DRYER goes, I have not used that badboy in a month and a half..Im done with it completely...

When RObb and I were pricing solar, (and we are pricing solar base on a 5000-8000 dollar system mind you,, so thats verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry cheap, and ya wont get much. enough for lights and small appliances, toaster, etc..) we were absolutely FLOORED by how much electricity a dryer uses.. and you would be too,, its unbelievable... so from that day forward, i gave it up,,

It realy hasnt been to big of a deal, i hang them out on nice days, and hang them next to the cookstove when its cold out(which has been the past month straight)..

I have no reservations about doing our laundry by hand.. it will be A lot of work,, but im always complaining about my "mom" arms,, and let me tell you after i turned that wringer a few times,, i knew i was going to have some good lookin arms in the verry near future,,:well i hope verrrrrrrrrrry near future,,

our house is on the market, has been for about 8 months now,,, so we are just waiting, and we may be waiting for a long while with the way the economy is...

we are enjoying our time here in the Pisgah National Forest forest though, and this way ill get plenty of hand washing practice in, when the weather breaks and i can wash outside..
Until then Ill be out in my Greenhouse, where its 85 degrees as long as the sun is a shinin':)


  1. Jamie how much are you selling for? I have always been so envious of your home! Its gorgeous!

  2. My mother had a brand new set of maytags that sat in the basement of our home in Iowa when I was a child, and every weekend she would go down and wash our laundry in metal tubs with a wringer washer and soaking tubs. She said it made the clothes cleaner, and it did! I loved the sound it made and watching my mother wash our clothes in the cool of our basement!!