Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Late Summer Foraging


With life on the homestead slowing down a bit, and the temperatures a little more tolerable, we have been able to get out into the woods and do some wild foraging,
The days have been filled with Elderberry Jam making, elderberry drying ( for elderberry syrup this winter) , Baking persimmon Cake in the sun oven , and storing away some chicken of the woods mushrooms in the freezer for this winter .
We just had a good rain ( after about a month of dry!) So I might venture back out and forage some more if time allows..

What's growing in your neck of the woods??


  1. Ooh, please, share the persimmon cake recipe - we get loads late November, and apart from sharing with neighbours, don't know what to do with them!


      I used a buttercream frosting
      My husband and daughter loved it, it was delish!!!

  2. We just found a hickory tree, we only have a tiny woods but it is there! Right now the undergrowth is impenetrable after the hot wet summer and we have to bush hog it, so much to do.

  3. No grocery October and gleaning fields, working with what you have is a custom in our area for folks not living off grid, not farmsteading but easing into it to see how it is possible! Love you images!

  4. I need to pick elderberrys this summer and make some syrup... mom made jelly from them , I need to transplant some here..