Monday, June 20, 2016

21 days of homegrown food

Hello! So I am really really trying to keep this blog going but its just so busy. planting, weeding, harvesting , weeding, butchering chickens, beekeeping,  harvesting honey,
selling at the market, opening a 150 yr old general store, participating and being on the Local Farm tour have kept us busy to say the LEAST.. its been a complete whirlwind...
I figured I could atleast leave you with some pretty pictures! I started an album on my facebook page, called 100 days of homegrown food posting a daily bounty for 100 days... I leave you with the first 21 :)





  1. Just beautiful....these photos should encourage and inspire people to grow at leat some of their own food! The taste, beauty and satisfaction is just plain good for us on all levels!

  2. Wonderful! I sadly this year have had to vastly reduce my veggie plot as we are working on the house and I've had to prioritise my time. I've only got a few things plus soft fruit and berries. But, maybe next year.

  3. Beautiful pictures, I love the way you live!
    Warm greetings from the Netherlands!