Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A New Room for Norah


Its been a busy and fun filled week here ! Norah is getting a "New" Room! A new closet, a paint job, a new quilt, "new" desk, and a new rug. Robb and My dad knocked out a cinderblock wall that connect our living room to Norahs Room, then  framed in the closet and got the dry wall up.  We lost a little bit of living Room space, but now Norah will have a closet !Now we just have some more sanding ( oh the mess!!!! its killing me) and then painting, and  clean up.

I am sanding her new desk and getting ready to paint it. I found it at a thrift shop for 25.00 and its awful cute. A place for her to draw, read, do homework , a space of her own :)

I am almost done with her Quilt, my mom helped me work on it while she was here. I just need to bind it!! Pictures coming soon!!
And the paint, ohhhhh the paint... As you can see, the room will be Pink... I fought it a bit, but between Nana's convincing and Norahs desperation to have a pink room, we all settled on a color I might be able to tolerate,,hehe...
She is one excited 8 year old girl ;)



  1. Oh bless the little one...bet she is super excited...and it is only paint! You'll be fine...pink is well pink! X

    1. you are right ;) like My dad said,, the paint wont mellow out, but you will ;) hehe