Friday, July 31, 2015

Homesteader of the Year


Some exciting news here at The Cools.
I am sure many of you are readers of Mother Earth News Magazine ( and if not you should totally pick up a copy, best magazine ever!)

Anyhoo, we were recently informed by them that were have been selected as ; Mother Earth News Magazines 2015 Homesteaders of the Year!

You can find a small article about us and our Homestead on page 30 of the Current Aug/Sept issue!
Or you can read about us here online

we are the second story titled ; "The Bees Knees"

We are just honored and completely tickled ( and still in shock) to be chosen for such and amazing title by probably our favorite magazine ever!

Just thought I would share this exciting news , and hope to get a more lengthy post in here soon!

The Cools


  1. Congratulations! With all the hard work that your family undertakes, it must be uplifting to be recognized for your achievements.

  2. Congrats Funny out of the blue I just bought the magazine,looked interesting. I read about your family and I think its great!

    1. It is such a wonderful Magazine! Thank you so much!

  3. aahh congratulations that's fabulous :-) dee