Wednesday, March 25, 2015

recycled , reused, and repurposed; projects on the homestead

Having fun making some improvements inside and out this  past week :) Our new hoop house is done! My folks were here to visit last week and helped put the plastic on.
 If you are interested in how to make your own hoop house be sure to check my next blog post! I will have a basic how to on how you can build your own!

Most everything in our home is second hand or recycled. Not only because we cant really afford new but because I find a total thrill in buying something used for a fraction of the cost(who doesn't love that rush! haha), and knowing that I am treading lighter on the earth buy reusing something is important to us.

Our hoop house is made with almost all recycled materials. The base and the plastic are the only two things we bought new.

RECYCLED items include:
wood for framing on walls, rustic wood on the outside, those super duper cool camper windows, the pvc conduit piping, the door... oh and those gorgeous gold ceramic pots ;)

I was also able to spruce things up inside the house ! I went shopping with my mom, and ya know when you go shopping with your mom, you naturally go to the thrift store and buy a light pistachio green retro couch ;) Got it for a steal and its in amazing condition!
My living room is quite dark ( I love earth tones,, browns etc, maybe a little too much,) so brining some color into the room and brightening it up was a great idea.....

The bluebird curtains are made from Old/Recycled sheets I scored at the goodwill. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them, I thought maybe some clothes for my little one. My mom mentioned that curtains would look cute, and she was right ;) I finished them up yesterday and they turned out lovely.
Stay tuned for the "How to build your own recycled hoophouse " blog.. I will need my husband to sit down and blog with me...
Hopefully we can find time in the next couple days to sit down and get that done..


The Cools


  1. We've been building a hoop house out of pallets! I plan to blog on that soon. LOVING YOUR WINDOWS!
    We just scored a bunch of old wood and such from an abandon house (got permission from owner) and then on top of that got an entire pile of hold wooden framed windows! So the shower house may finally get built :)

  2. Love the images and the story line! Glad I stumbled into your blog!

  3. I love it, your couch would be perfect in my living room i purchased my couch at the Goodwill about seven years ago for 50 bucks and the cushion are started to sag now and all my things are with yellow and green lol i need your couch. Myy mama passed away a year ago March and i miss her like crazy. We spent many of days hopping around to different thrift store i love it. Miss that alot. Everything I own is from there too.