Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Garden Fence Update


My husband has been working so hard in allll his spare time >insert sarcasm here< to get my fence done for me In my Back Gardens..
Its getting there! He spent most the day Sunday working on it... I am making the stepping stones and have so many more to make.. I am using a mold and can only make one at a time,, so its slow going..  but hope to have a majority of them done in the next month. Then we will had mulch in the walkways..
I have quite a few different garden spots, but this one is going to take the cake. I cant wait to see it bursting at the seams with veggies ,flowers and pollinators ..

Ill be sure and post a picture this Spring!


  1. Oh wow I love it!! Ive been following you guys for awhile and just wanted to say how much i enjoy your blog!
    Our is
    were fully off grid no water electric etc in a converted city bus ...the projects are endless as are yours but lots of fun none the less!

  2. I so much enjoy your blog too.
    Your fence is so beautiful & rustic.
    Fondly Michelle

  3. thank you both so very much, nice to hear you enjoy the blog! I will check out your Blog for sure. And yes,, always a project to do around the homestead! Many of ours are half finished,,haha,, not enough hours in the day!

  4. What a unique fence! I love how it screams country all over. Your husband must've been busy for days building that. In any case, the back garden looks so much better, now that the fence has been finished. Thanks for sharing that! I'd love to see more updates soon! Keep us posted! :)

    Mike Mcmillen @ Dependable Lawn Care

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  9. That fence of yours is just charming. At first, I thought it did not look very strong, but then I looked closer and saw that it really is stronger than it looks. I love your stepping stones, too. They are so beautiful. I am very impressed at your patience to work them each one at a time. Such nice work!

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