Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Spring like Temps and injured Chicken

I couldn't think of a good title for this post,, haha.. Its been an eventful 5 days with lots going on... That time of year where we scramble to get ready for spring. Although its only January there is a lot to be done in preparation for Bee Season...
We have been building and painting nuc hives ,  a lot of these will most likely be mating nucs for our Queens.

I started My SEEDS!! It felt so good to get my hands in some "dirt" ( ok seed mix) and plant.  Ive started broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Bunching Onions, and Kale, including a gorgeous ruby red Kale ! Ill be starting My warm weather crops in another month or so.

Norah has been gardening too, in fact she used over half of my soil. Besides selling wild Onions, Hemlocks, grass and holly plants...............................................

she is also in the process of catching a rabbit so she can start a rabbit farm. In the meantime the only other "animals she has for sale are some ladybugs..hehe

the weather has been gorgeous the past 3 days ( in the 60's!) even the bees have been out to stretch their wings, use the bathroom ( which I have proof of all over my windshield, haha) and get a drink... all the hives look good from the outside and we hope to get in for a small inspection if we see some warmer days in the next couple weeks...

On a heavier Note :/ Our Polish Hen Liberace was recently scalped by our ****** rooster Elton..
Elton was ( and I say was because he no longer lives here) about 6 months old  and ready to get frisky with Liberace,, for about 2 days he would chase her around, when they would go in the coop there would be lots of "thump, bump" sounds on the roof. and we thought is was funny... the next morning ( after this thumping and bumping started happening) I went out to give Liberace and Elton some scraps.. Liberace did not exit the coop, and I instantly KNEW something was wrong.. I opened up the coop door and saw her huddled in the corner completely bloody and (what I didn't realize at the moment) scalped.. I frantically picked her up and brought her in the house, wrapped her in a a towel, and cried ( mostly because I felt bad,, thinking I could of prevented it had I not been busy giggling.. )

Its been 4 days not since this happened and I am happy to report she is doing well!! she is eating and drinking and lively. Her head is dealing with some infection that I hope nature takes care of on its own.. all in all it seems she will be ok. She is still in the house until she fully heals....
To then which she will have her very own chicken tractor until I get some polish hens to put with her. I will never put her with a rooster again, and am even unsure about putting her with larger breeds..

Lets just hope that fabulous head of hair of hers, grows back ;)

The Cool Family

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