Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Holidays are Here

Holiday cheer is in full swing here at the Cools.. If Norah had it her way we would have started decorating in October. She is a verrrry excited little girl this time of year!
She is 7 years old, so the Magic Of Christmas is something to Behold. I am not sure how much longer she will believe in Santa, so I am savoring these years with her and sharing in her excitement!!!

What started out as a few homemade salt dough Christmas ornaments turned into a full Blown Factory,, She spent 2 days straight creating and painting. She decided she  wanted to sell some. I figured this was a good way to teach her about giving, so agreed. We sold them for 2.00, she gets .50 shipping is .50 and 1.00 goes towards St. Judes Childrens Hospital. This opened up a great dialog about children who may not be as lucky or fortunate as her this time of year. Those teachable moments come up when you least expect them ;)

I finished Norahs Advent Calendar, I am not a big fan of the Numbers,, I could not find Iron on numbers anywhere, so ended up using a marker paint pen,, Being that it is December 2nd, I really just wanted to get it done. I will probably end up putting some nicer Iron on Numbers , on.
These calendars  can be filled with chocolates, treats or little "notes" with rewards; ex. Popcorn tonight, or Movie time with Mom... :) A great way to countdown to Christmas with the littles in your life.

The Tree is up and decorated. We purchased to strands of LED lights, but could use another strand or 2... This way we can have the Lights on all the time ( being off the grid we need to conserve) 2 strands only use about 9 watts. eventually we will have enough to to put lights outside as well...

I really do love this time of year <3 p="">

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  1. That photo of your tree in the house looks like a Christmas card. It made my heart warm! Love the advent calendar. That was always so much fun. I should do something like that for my granddaughters. :)

    1. Hey Leigh,thanks so much :) Yes! I have fond memories of the advent calendar as a child too :)

  2. Wow you guys are so creative :-D

    I have a question... it's a BIT off topic (maybe) but I've been looking at slowly getting my family off the grid but need to be careful how we do it, and how much it costs.

    I was looking at this local dealer (http://www.uniqueoffgrid.com/en-Ca/Home.html) which got me seeking out others who have done the same thing. I'd never heard of propane powered fridges and stoves. Is that what you guys do as well?

    1. Hello! thanks so much! We actually have a regular fridge(with small freezer ) that is powered by solar,, we cook and bake with wood in the winter, and have a propane stove top for summer use..( try to not to depend on propane too much) ;)

    2. I think solar is really the way to go... it seems like it can be used to power pretty much everything (as long as you conserve a bit, I'm sure).

      I'd rather not have to worry about propane either, but I LOVE to BBQ and use a stovetop. So purely for those two items, I might stick with propane.

    3. I hear ya, those are the 2 things we use propane for :)