Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Autumn: Stocking up and winding down

well, We are Finally caught up on the wood situation. Robb spent 2 weeks bringing home truck loads of wood. We live in a National forest with a 12 mile gravel ride through it, so he is fortunate enough to be able to grab a down Tree off the side of the road ( or sometimes in the road, and yes that happens often; he always carries a chainsaw with him) cut it up and bring it home. and it only costs us 20.00 for a wood permit to legally get wood throughout the forest.. pretty cheap heating bill ;)

We heat entirely with wood, with NO back up. all of our hotwater is heated with wood, and we solely cook and bake with wood. So its kind of important to have the woodshed stocked.
AND after 5 yrs of splitting wood by hand or trying to borrow a wood splitter we were fortunate enough to be able to buy one. This has helped Tremendously in saving time. We are by no means done hauling and splitting but feel we have a good handle on it.

The pantry is pretty well stocked too. I still have some more to do . I am hoping we get around to building more shelves. I want to extend the pantry on the right hand side, ( L shaped) by putting more shelves up there. I am running out of room! 

The fall garden is in. I planted Kale, lettuce, carrots beets, broccoli, cabbage, and spinach. My spinach had a heck of time germinating, so I have reseeded it for the 4TH TIME. 

I have more Beans flowering and hope to get a good harvest before frost sets in.

Sweet potatoes still need dug, and I am really trying to be patient and let them grow a little bigger , but am really tempted to go out there and tear things up ;)

Robb did a hive inspection and all the hives look pretty good. Its probably the last inspection for the year before winter sets in.

 Hope everyone is having beautiful weather! Its been an absolute Joy to work outside these past couple weeks. Enjoying every second before the cold sets in!!

Happy Autumn!!!!
The Cools

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  1. Hi...just wanted to say I've enjoyed reading your blog...found it yesterday! I used to cook/heat water/heat house with wood. Don't at the moment but would like to point out that when an oil range cooker was installed and we got an Emerson heater(electric) I put on a couple of stone in weight!
    Hope to be moving in the near future, and seriously thinking of ditching an oil guzzling cooker. EU regulations have altered our oil and now the cookers keep choking up.
    My parents were practically self sufficient and hardly used a dribble of electric. I never knew them to buy a potato...ours were kept in an old boiler house...with no boiler in in so I don't know why it was called that...covered up with hessian sacking. We had a huge garden and orchard. I too had an orchard for many years until three years ago. Now I'm in a temporary house I just have the potted young trees we brought with us. Soon I keep telling myself! I'm having a major fallout with our large energy heavy freezer and would love a go at canning produce in the future, but here in the UK it's not widely advocated.
    I'll keep popping over to your blog for some ideas and tips...the bee keeping I can pass on to father in law. He has goodness knows how many hives around the farm now.
    Take care,