Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Market Days * Life Lessons

 Market season starts just as Norah gets out of school. And now that she is 7 yrs old, its a lot easier, not having to chase a 3 yr old around the booth! She helps with the signage, selling, setting up, and of course wooing the customers. Really, I think we sell more when she starts talking to them ..hehe
She loves shopping at the market, and was so excited to get her Purple Cauliflower from Zydeco Moon Farm. She also loves the sugar snaps and of COURSE the homemade chocolate chip cookies.

She has been quite a help around  the homestead too! Last week she helped us process 18 chickens, she plucked, carried plucked birds to dad, filled the coolers with ice and water..

I am so proud of her and hope she carries these lessons into adulthood....

This week she has camp, so I guess I am left harvesting, washing and packaging solo.

We love Market days!! A great way to spend the afternoon as a family..

Find your nearest Market and Support your LOCAL farmer!!


  1. Hey there! I'm an editor at Modern Farmer magazine, www.modfarmer.com, and I'd like to talk to you for a story. Could you email me? I'm at reyhan@modfarmer.com. Thanks!

  2. Hello! I emailed you :) let me know if email works or if you would like to talk on the phone!