Monday, August 19, 2013

A Bountiful Year

Ive abandoned my Blog entirely too long to really write about what we have been doing over the past couple months....Lets just say its been extremely Busy, and we have been extremely Blessed at our homestead.. THe gardens thrived despite all the rain ( this year was nothing but rain, the rainiest year on RECORD in our area),  and the berries actually LOVED IT! Between strawberries, wineberries , raspberries and blueberries, we probably picked 16 gallons of berries this year. We even picked enough peaches to make some Jam :)
We didnt have much of a summer, and it already feels like Fall is setting in.............

Our off grid system is still at a stand still,, all we have to do is run the wire and hook up the batteries,controller, inverter.... but bee season has just kept my husband too busy to anything else..
Hopefully Ill be blogging up hooking all of that up in the next month!!! all good things in all good time.............

 For now Ill leave you with a few ( of many )Pictures of our blessed n Bountiful summer.................

We Come from the Earth, We Return to the Earth, and in between, We Garden ...<3 br="">
The Cool Family

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