Thursday, May 30, 2013

Compost Tea

Woah! look at me,, Im blogging like 2 times in one week ( or 2 weeks or whatever,, either way its unusual for me ;)
I am going to try and do more " how to" blogs.... I receive so many question on homesteading.. and in our busy schedule its hard to answer all the questions individually..... So as I feel inspired to do so, I will put some how to's up here for y'all....

For some reason this spring, my front Garden looks "blah"..  as in "blah" I mean,, kinda a yellow hue, small leaves, etc... just "blah"Nothing like it did last year... We did add compost which had chicken manure in it, leaves etc..,, but I am thinking maybe we did not add enough..
Our Front garden was the first garden we started when we moved here 7 yrs ago,, so as you can imagine,although Ive added nutrients, Im wondering if I have  depleted  the soil and not replaced with enough earthy goodness.....

Photo of front garden,,, so its still filling in, and while it doesnt look awful, certain things ( like me beans) really could use some help.. and while I would like to blame it all on the weather........... its probably isnt TOTALLY the weathers fault,, my babies needs some nutrients!!!

My usual regimen is compost around the plants and fish emulsion solution..... ( which I totally recommend!!! it will help your plants tremendously!)

This year I decided to try Compost Tea and "Garret Juice" ( developed by "THE DIRT DOCTOR" Dr. Howard Garret)

What you will Need
~ Compost ( your own compost is fine, although Ive ready worm castings work amazing)
~ a 5 gallon bucket
~ Pantyhose
~ fish emulsion or seaweed extract
~ an aquarium pump ( about 5-10 dollars at a pet store, you will also need to purchase the hose)
~ Molasses
~apple cider vinegar
~ A garden fairy if at all possible ;)

* check the garden or strawberry Patch..... the garden Fairies are usually there and totally willing to help ;)

** Fill your 5 Gallon bucket up with Rain water ( or from the hose, but we all know rain water is better..;)

*** Fill the pantyhose with about 1 lb ( I used about 3 cups) of compost...

** Place compost filled panty hose in  the 5 gallon bucket, and then add 1 Tbsp Mollasses and 1 Tbsp Fish Emulsion or Liquid Seaweed...

** Attach hose to Aquarium pump, tie a rock to the hose to keep it at the bottom of the bucket.... Be sure pump is about 12" above the level of the water, but not directly over... ( just read directions on pump before using :) Turn on the pump and let aerate for 24 hours!!
SHAAZAM~!*!*! you have Compost Tea! Use within 8 hours..
To use Compost Tea,, fill your watering can about 1/3 the way full with the tea, and fill the rest with water.. water around base of plant or on leaves.....
TO MAKE "GARRET JUICE" Foliar Spray....
1 CUP of Your Compost Tea
1 Ounce Liquid Molasses
1 Ounce Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Ounce Liquid Seaweed ( I might just use the fish emulsion, although the recipe DOES call for liquid seaweed, I just couldnt get my hands on any this week.. its says to add the liquid seaweed AND fish emulsion for "Garret Juice PLus" :))
1 Gallon Water
Use this as a Foliar Treatment for your plants ( on the leaves)...
I am going to Spray the "Garret Juice" On my Plants this evening, hopefully I will have some amazing results! I have read extensively about this and its has amaaaazing reviews!
Now go take care of your garden, and it will Take Care of you!!!!
The Cools

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  1. Have you tried amazon-liquid seaweed?You might want to check there.Thats amazing.My ex mother-in-law used to have a bucket and she just added stuff from the kitchen but the bucket had water in it and she would let that stuff sit and water her plants with the liquid and wow they grew big.I haven't read up on