Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rainy Daze

Looks like my laundry is getting a second rinse today. A rainy lazy day here at the Cool Homestead..

Bread Rising... Cobbler Baking.....Clothes drying... Home is Cozy.. A lovely rainy morning indeed .


  1. Hi-we were thinking of getting off the grid eventually(we get moved first)but we decided that since electric is cheaper where we are moving compared to here,we are going to have to have electric.We will wean ourselves off once we have solar panels(another 5-7 years)HA!But in the meantime I have really enjoyed reading your blog and am learning a lot.My brother is giving us a wood burning stove(first item) and then we found out we have a well on our property.So water if the well is good will be #2.Thanks for writing a great blog!

  2. Looks like you cook on a Baker's Choice! We love ours.