Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ditch the Dryer

You dont need it folks.. i promise!!!
go to you local ___mart and pick yourself up a drying rack. you can use this indoors next to your cookstove or woodstove or under a heater vent if you dont have a clotheline. But if you have the space, build a clothesline, you will be happy you did.. there aint Nothing like bedding off the line:)
Despise cruncy towels? a little vinegar in place of fabric softner will do the trick!
do this for a month, and then check your electric bill ;)


  1. Awesome Jaime! THanks for the vinegar tip!

  2. Hey lady! You are very welcome!! It works great, just as good as fabric softener in my opinion:)

  3. Oh I love it! I didn't know about the vinegar trick!

    The cook stove you have in the pic is awesome! I want to get one of these for my kitchen. It gets cold in the kitchen in the winter and just cooking meals via a woodburner would make all the difference in the world. You're so insipring momma!


  4. By the way, I do slow cook items on the woodburner in my living room and love it! <3

  5. Here in Australia we have mostly sunshine where we live so I've never had a dryer. I love the smell of sunshine on our clothes. I have a clothes airer which I use in winter if I need to and just sit it in front of the the wood heater. I too like that beautiful stove.
    Blessings Gail