Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Goodbye Summer Hello Fall


I guess its time for my quarterly blog post,,lol, there is where i catch you up on everything that has been going on for the past 3 months,,haha,, Im trying to tell myself it would be a lot easier to just post every week , but I cant seem to sit down and focus!

Life has been insanely busy on the cool farm:)

shortly after my July post, The garden Bounty was full force, leaving me with no time to sit down and blog, let alone sit down much at all! july aug and sept i spent the evenings canning my BUTT off.. i manages to do tomatoes, tomato soup, salsa, green beans, jam, peppers, pickles, pasta sauce, apples, peaches, applebutter, applesauce , chicken stock, chicken soup and chicken chili. Im sure im forgetting something.

tell ya what folks, if you arent sure what to do with those old chickens that arent laying any more, and dont want em to go to waste, they make excellent chicken soup and chili!!!

Not so good to just eat as the meat is a little tought n dry, but the chicken soup turned out delicious! We butchered 9 of the old hens and are now butchering the good schtuff,, 10 roosters: 4 down 6 to go!

we have FINALLY gotten rid of the chest freezer,, which was a big step for us. we figure if we plant to go off grid, we have to ween ourselves from the big appliances..... so ill be canning most everything from here on out. we can fit a chicken or 2 in our small freezer, so we either have to can the rest or just do a couple at a time:)

I managed to can about 300 jars this season, the photos is about 240 jars into canning.

Im still canning chicken stock, but other than that am done for the season, and holy smokes, it was a lot of work! I have it down to a science now, and it makes a world of difference when he have an order and a way of doing things, so you arent spinning in circles,,lol

We now have 6 hives, and robb has started feeding the weaker hives sugar water, making sure they are all set n ready for the winter ahead! we managed to get about 20 lbs of honey for ourselves this year:)

we ordered 6 additional hives this week! so assuming all 6 make it through the winter, we will have 12 established hives, which means a whole lotta honey to sell>3 fortunately, we have 3 different stores that would like to carry our honey:) this winter we will be shopping for jars. creating labels, and maybe even investing in an extractor. This year we did the good ol crush n strain method, which was fine n dandyfor the small amount of honey we got, but with ** ******12 HIVES***, i would like to make this as easy as possible. Cheese cloth n a bucket aint cuttin it,,lol.

So fall is here and i would like to say that things are slowing down,, but they really arent,, im busy sewing/working, robb is busy building a woodshed and chopping wood, taking on his new of adventure of home brewing his own beer :0,, im planting more blueberry bushes and some raspberries.. and the list goes on and on.

for now im enjoying this quiet moment, with my coffee , while the lil mama naps for a bit:)

Until next time......

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  1. Great pictures, and man i hope those shelves hold! lol. That's making me nervous just looking at it.
    i don't have a pantry or anywhere to store my canned goods, so right now they are just in boxes in the basement.
    We will probably never get bees. With our pollunation problems i've been heavily considering it. i keep seeing beekeeper equipment on craigslist. However, kenan got stung on the ankle this summer, and half his face swelled up. The Dr. suggested he carry an epi-pen because his reaction gets worse every time he gets stung. :( So no bees here.