Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Not always easy.. But always rewarding

I just could not skip over the past 2 months. Depsite the 50 some odd inches of rain this year. yep you heard that right,, almost 2 ft alone in a 2 week period in May, we came back fighting after the flood to ensure we could put food up this winter!
Weeding replanting, mulching, spraying ( organic of course;) and just babying  my gardens proved to work ;)
I've been picking bounty daily and putting up for for the winter
One thing has proved true through all this rain, Mushrooms love it! haha,, We got a good crop of shiitakes after the flood ( all that bumping around and underwater for 24 hours) ,but had to go find the logs  first,, Our friend Jon found almost all of our Shiitake and Oyster Logs during flood clean up!!! Our oyster mushrooms have been prolific, I have probably picked about 10 of the wicker baskets you see below.. I've dried then and canned then and they will be excellent in soups, omelettes , casseroles and pizza this winter.
Numerous jars of Green beans have been put up with another big crop coming in.
30 jars of pickles have been put up, and i am not sure Ill do anymore, while my daughter and I love them, I just wonder if I want to make anymore haha
I have sauerkraut fermenting in the crock ( from our cabbage crop) and will be canning it this week.
I am on to tomatoes now , just did salsa last night, next up is tomato soup....
We had an ok potato crop despite the rain,, about 70 lbs... good enough to get us through most of winter.
15 Chickens were processed in early May... and we will do about 10-15 more  before winter..
along with 2 more pigs ;)
It is all so much work, and even more so when Mother Nature decided to make it even harder. But the joy I get from baskets full of homegrown vegetables is incomparable.
The pantry is filling up quickly and it is a beautiful sight.. Ill be sure to share in photos when it is filled to the brim ..
Still waiting on sweet potatoes and Winter Squash and hoping to get a fall garden in..

Oh and did I mention,, about 800 lbs of Honey?? ;) Our spring flow was awful, but With all this rain we are so very pleased with our Summer Bounty!!!
Thats is , once again, in a nutshell... Just thought I would catch you up before I pledge to post .. weekly?? Don't hold your breath, but I promise to try .....
Thanks for stopping by and reading
Much Love
The Cool Family

A few photos of what is coming from the garden..... 



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